By The Water

By The Water

This section will provide you with all the information about the ponds, beaches, embankment and other water attractions of the park for you to plan your day off by the water.

Pioneer Pond

You can spend the whole day at the Pioneer Pond. Here you can find the beach with real sand, beachbeds and water-bicycles to hire and the cafe with a stunning view on the water. 

Golitsynsky Pond
Dont forget to grab a snack for ducks at the vending machine by the pond when planning to spend a day by Golitsynsky! Here you will also fine the cafes and plases to seat while enjoying the sun beams and water breeze. 
Pushkinskaya Embankment
Famous Olive Beach is situated on Pushkinskaya Embankment. It use to be a place for yoga classes and now has transformes in the place for recreation and sunbathing. You can find all the facilities there, such as sunbeds and shower cabins.
Andreevsky Pond in Neskuchny Garden
When planning to go to Neskuchny Garden for a walk, dont forget to make a stop bby Andreevsky Pond. This is the most quite pond in the park, perfect place to relax and forget about day to day worries or to have a snack.  Facilities: snack bar, waterbicycle renting point
Lesnoy Pond at Vorobyovy Gory
This is a secret calm and peaceful place to run away, an entire refuge from the noise of a big city - the best plate to meditate or enjoy a good book.
Leninsky Beach
Leninsky Beach is one of the best places in Gorky Park to enjoy the sunset. All you need is someone to share the moment with!

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