The weekend is set to be warm and sunny - and we suggest you spend it in the Park!

You can hire a bike, roller skates, a longboard or a scooter in one of our rentals across the Park, Neskuchny Garden and Vorobyovy Gory. Details on where and how to rent at.

Ekologia Pavillion at Vorobyevy Gory is inviting children for an adventurous eco-quest! You will meet an exotic animal (that’s a surprise! but don’t worry, it is absolutely safe to play with), learn about its habits and life and finally figure out whether it could make itself home in Vorobyovy Gory! We start at 18:00. The event is free of charge. Details and registration at. Alternatively you can register on the spot.

While taking a stroll in the Park, don’t miss a photo exhibition in the Kosaya Alley. The photos are in sets of two, showing the same views in the past and present. Some places have stayed the same, others are just as they were, such as Parterre in 1938, people’s faces, a day out in the skating rink, Pushkinskaya Embankment in 1927.

«The Healthy Lungs Day 2014» will take place this Saturday, from 10:00 to 15:00 by the Andreevsky Bridge. All participants will get a free lungs check and get advice on preventing lung diseases as well as on how to quit smoking and improve one’s health. While in the area, look out for yet another photo exhibition ‘Summer Filters’. It shows the results of our photo-walk project we carried out back in summer when 8 amateur photographers equipped with retro cameras explored the park and their creative skills.