Guided tours in English

You will definitely see and find out about the Main Entrance, the splendorous sculptures of «the Ballerina» and «The Girl with the Paddle», we will plunge you into the XIX century bringing back the bygone atmosphere. We shall talk about the famous Pushkin embankment and all those events took place here before.

Together we will enjoy an unhasty stroll along the park’s alleys, looking around the historical buildings and remembering the famous people who worked here or visited the park back then. We will try to give you a sense of the park in terms of its ideas and purposes which inspired people to create and enhance this place right at the dawn of the Soviet country. We will support our story with various photos so that you could really «see» how it was and could compare with how it is now.

Contact us on at least 48 hours before the supposed date of the excursion. Groups of 6 and more people are welcome to join us, one ticket costs 500 rub. Groups of 5 and less are also welcome, one tour costs 3000 rub.