Gorky Park and Rosbank will present a public art Christmas tree to Moscow

On December 9th on the square in front of the Main entrance to Gorky park there will take place a ceremonial opening of the sculptural object which is both a piece of public art and an original New Year's tree.

A project of Rosbank and Gorky Park is a new initiative to support talented architects and artists and develop a rather new for Russia form of art. Public art is an art in urban environment oriented on a wide viewing audience that corresponds to the public space, adorns the city’s image and makes it more friendly and comfortable for citizens. In all metropolises public-art objects have already become common elements of urban landscape and often are sightseeing attractions as well as objects of architectural and cultural heritage. Gorky Park is the first park in Russia where land art objects made from natural materials and designed by young architectural bureaus have appeared. Due to the realization of such “winter” initiative Moscow will stand in the line with such cities as New-York, Paris, London, Madrid, Tokyo and others. The originality of the idea lies in the fact that architects created the object specially for Gorky Park; it is not an adaptation of an already existing project or a reiteration of works created in other countries. The object of a 15 metres height represents a flipped ice-cream corn and by its form resembles a Christmas tree. It will exactly become one of the main New 2015th park’s visitors and welcoming them in front of the Main entrance. The choice of the object is non-random as the principal topic of Gorky Park ice ring in this year is pop art. Bright and ironic images inspired by Roy Lichtenstein‘s works has colored Ice ring’s winter space. Now a “piece” of pop art will also appear near the Main entrance.
To elaborate the idea and implement the project a team of young architects from bureau “Novoe” (Sergey Nebotov, Anastasia Gritskova, Tatyana Leshikhina) were invited. Among their recent works are: summer pop-up pavilion of “Garage” Museum of contemporary art, a summer venue in the courtyard of Museum of Moscow, installation in Gorky Park in the framework of “Moscow days in Vienna” festival and other projects. 
Rosbank is one of the first representatives of the big business, which started establishing long-term relationship with cultural institutes and support contemporary art. Bank’s leadership is convinced that stabilized development of the business is inseparably associated with an improvement of social climate and educational level, culture support and a responsible attitude to the environment. The object is created on the initiative of Rosbank and Gorky Park with support of Moscow Department of Culture.