First time in Moscow: «Symphonic Kino» in Gorky Park

 Unique project from Saint-Petersburg’s concert company NCA is launching rock music heritage in light of classical music. 

Favorite and the most famous Victor Tsoi’s songs will be performed by Yuri Kasparyan – Kino band guitarist,  accompanied by Moscow Symphonic Orchestra “Russia Philharmonic” and directed by conductor Svyatoslav Luther. The concert will take place at Fontaine Square of Gorky Park on May 29.

Kino’s music links generations in one era. For these people the songs of the band became a part of their lives. It is important that symphonic arrangement of Tsoi’s songs will take place in Gorky Park, in the heart of Moscow. It lets us to reconsider the scale of Victor Tsoi’s rock-genius. Moreover, the project was created by the people who had close ties with famous Leningrad based rock-club. Those people are Kino band’s composer and guitarist Igor Vdovin and guitarist Yuri Kasparyn.

Unique project “Symphonic Kino” emerged in 2012 -Tsoi’s jubilee year.

First orchestra version of legendary songs was written in 2012 by famous contemporary composer Igor Vdovin for grand “20 years without ‘Kino’” festival.

Music compositions were very well received by the public. It was decided to make a solo-program and add Yuri Kasparyan’s guitar,which was so beloved by music lovers.“Symphonic Kino” was created. Even today, there is still no analogue in the history of Russian rock.

Igor Vdovin, the composter, says:

“In the final scene of one of late 80-smovies, Kino performs its signature song ‘Peremen’. The screening of the scene took place in Gorky Park! Today ‘Kino’ band’s music is returning to the Park but in a new format. Guitarist and co-author of the music Yuri Kasparyan will perform songs that are so beloved by everyone and will be accompanied by symphonic orchestra. Personally, I am very pleased that while the first time in Moscow, the project will take its place in Gorky Park. “

There will be 25 years since the tragic car crash that took life of Victor Tsoi in August 2015. The concert in Gorky Park will be devoted the memory of Tsoi and the band’s heritage.

Music – Victor Tsoi

Guitar – Yuri Gasparyan

Orchestraauthor – IgorVdovin

Conductor -  Svyatoslav Luther

The concert will take place from 20:00 to 23:00 at Fontaine Square of Gorky Park.

No need for booking