New Year night party at the “Voskhod” ice rink in Gorky Park

If you want to have an active and unusual New Year celebration, you definitely should come to the “Voskhod” ice rink in Gorky Park! We have prepared an amazing program with DJ sets, live music performances in the Media point, animators on the rink and, of course, fireworks!


5 p.m. – start of the evening skating session

7 p.m. - 10 p.m. – vinyl marathon from the Vinyl Mayak team. You will enjoy pure atmospheric sound from Vlad Cheiz, 8 Hz and DJ MaO who will play their sets on vinyls.

10 p.m. – the New Year party start. The host – actor and showman Ivan Chuikov will open the program together with Pixelord and Saburov – the game changers of the independent electronic music and co-founders of the Hyperboloid label.

Pixelord (Alexey Devyanin) is constantly balancing between sophisticated hypnorave and basic dancing beats. His colleague Sergey Saburov advocates progressive electronic music which is popular not only among the underground public but also at major clubs. The musicians gave shows at numerous famous festivals: from the Afisha Picnic indie music festival to Alfa Future People and toured throughout Russia and suddenly China. They have prepared something special for the New Year night.

11 p.m. – live broadcast of the New Year address of Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin. Two large screens are placed by the main stage.

11:05 p.m. – the host Ivan Chuikov together with Pixelord and Saburov continue to rock the stage.

11:55 p.m. – live broadcast of the New Year address of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Make a wish while the bells chime at the Kremlin’s Spasskaya Tower and the Russian national anthem plays and continue to celebrate the New Year 2020!

12:05 a.m. – meet the headliner of the night – Moya Mishele band. Author and singer Tanya Tkatchuk defines their style as “cunning” dancing pop. Ironic lyrics, a mix of synth-pop and disco, soft and at the same time perky voice – you will definitely burst into dance while on skates.

1 p.m. – New Year fireworks and continuation of the show with Ivan Chuikov, Pixelord and Saburov.

All night long from 10 p.m. until the end of the holiday the animators will entertain you on the ice rink.

You may refresh yourself with sandwiches, fresh bakery and hot tea in the Central pavilion and food points on the ice rink. Some restaurants and cafes offer special New Year menu, e.g. the Italian cafe Mercato will not leave you without a traditional Olivier salad.

3 a.m. – the end of the party.

Hope to see you at the “Voskhod” ice rink!

Additional information and tickets are here.