Youngster's Day in Gorky Park

25 June с 12.00 до 22.00

For one day Gorky Park creates the world of virtual reality

There will be 2 photozones on the Entrance to the Park where you may capture yourself and your friends on the spheric photos made in the format of little planet. On Pushkinskaya embankment you may try future technologies on the attractions that will dive you into virtual reality: slide down on autostimulator from a roller-coaster, put on the most advanced helmet HTC Vive or Oculus rift. 

For the whole day you may be captured on the video made by the VR-drone that makes videos in 360 resolution. Videos filmed in 360 VR style may be seen on Youtube channel of Gorky Park. 

25 June с 12.00 до 22.00

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