Opening of the summer season

1 May

It's the first time Gorky Park and MUZEON are welcoming the summer season as the joined space. The main theme of this season will be games - active, sport, music and intellectual.

PLAY, the summer theme of Gorky Park

This is our fifth summer season and the first one that Gorky Park and Muzeon will meet as one. The unified space will turn into one big playground. The game is on all the way until autumn. 

PLAY music  - we’ll be playing music throughout the whole season, from classical to electronic, to indie and neo-folk. 

PLAY cinema - the outdoor cinema theatres, Pioner and Muzeon, will be playing movies by night and hosting lectures and discussions by day. 

PLAY theatre - we’ve picked some unexpected locations to set up stages for theatrical performances and meetings with actors and directors. 

PLAY games - whether you prefer chess or ping-pong, computer games or puzzles, games will be all around.

PLAY sport –  this includes beach volley, street basketball, tennis and ping-pong. You are also welcome to come practice yoga, qigong, nordic walking or running. Workout grounds and football pitches will be operating in Neskuchny Garden and Vorobyovy Gory. Our 8-kilometre bike lane (part of Moscow’s biggest route connecting Victory Park and Muzeon) is awaiting cyclists, board riders and roller skaters

PLAY food - Summer season means summer terraces: La Boule, Prawns, Paella house, «Teplitsa», «Indeyka», «Chaynaya Vysota» and «AC/DC in Tbilisi» in Gorky Park, and LES, Coffeebrod and Noodlemama in Muzeon will all be operating outdoors. 

From Krimskaya to Pushkinskaya embankment and backwards the PLAY PARADE will take place. Athletes and gymnasts in white costumes, bright characters by artist Roman Ermakov on big mobile stages, bikers, jongleurs and drum sounds. 

The parade will give start to a grand celebration in the Park, which will be full of various exciting games. 



Game Parade

When: 12:00, 15:00, 18:00

Where: Pushkinskaya Embankment

Providing the beats to the parade will be 1/2 Orchestra and Samba Real drummers.


Where: Autumn alley

When: 12:00-18:00

15 simultaneously played games led by one grandmaster. 6 hours long. 

Board games

Where: Winter alley

When: 12:00-18:00

Street games

Where: Fountain square

When: 12:00-18:00

“Time, forward!” An acrobatics show. 

Where: Fountain square

When: 20:00

Circus stunts at 5 metres above ground performed to the famous Channel 1 evening news opening theme by Georgy Sviridov. 

Games with and without words. Mime show “Balbesy” (Simpletons)

Where: wooden terrace in Muzeon

When: 16:30, 18:30

Professional actors and choreographers will be playing to and with the crowd. Bonus - a workshop in pantomime. 


Where: wooden terrace in Muzeon

When: 16:00

Workshop by the “Virtuoso” school. Four teachers and a host will be teaching the audience to sing using different techniques and instruments. 


Where: wooden terrace in Muzeon

When: 12:30 14:00 15:30

Family theatre. It includes script writing workshop, acting, creating props and costumes. We’ll create a performance from scratch! 

1 May

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