«Pervaya Parkovaya Noticeboard»

We've launched a 'Noticeboard' section!

It will come in handy when:
- you're selling your grandad's old skates or skis;
- you want to buy a vintage bike or board;
- your beloved dachshund has gone missing somewhere in the park or nearby;

- you're looking for a conversation partner to brush up your French, Italian, or Hindi (why not!) over a coffee in one of our park cafes;
- you need a new housemate for your flat with a view of Neskuchny Garden;
- you simply have something interesting or important to tell the big wide world of Gorky Park!

Write to us at, entering the subject-line as 'Pervaya Parkovaya Noticeboard', and we will be sure to publish your announcement in an upcoming issue. For free!

And now for the terms and conditions:
1.) Make your text short: 3 lines maximum.
2.) Include your contact details.
3.) Announcements will be censored, so please make our job easy.
4.) Announcements of the ilk: fortune reading, magic spells, husband retrieval services, luxury vacations, four-handed massages and the like will not be published!

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